Top 10 Reasons to Remove a Tattoo

A 2006 survey in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, said 24% of 18 to 50 year olds have tattoos & 17% percent have considered tattoo removal.

1. Botched tattoo.  Poor quality artistry, misspelled tattoos, or shaky lines by an amateur artist are common reasons to have a tattoo removed.  

2. Faded. Older tattoos that were once bright + sharp can begin to look faded + blurry overtime. 

3. The Break Up. Having bae's name tattooed on your arm might seem like the best way to communicate your feelings, but if the relationship ever ends, most people don’t want the constant visual reminder of their ex. 

4. Style changes. What was once in style or you once thought was cool, just isn’t anymore. It’s safe to bet that your personal taste in fashion or music or ideas isn’t the same as when you were 18.

5. Military. Apparently, not even all tattoos are acceptable in the military. Thinking of joining? Check out your ink & remove it if needed. We'll save you some time with the link to book HERE  

6. Finding a Job. In many careers, it is unacceptable to have a visible tattoo.

7. Parenting. Some people feel a desire to remove their tattoos after having their lil babes.    

8. Different tattoo.  If you’re still rockin’ a tattoo in the spot you’d like to put your new one, then you may need to remove the original.

9. Spouse doesn’t like it. If your spouse hates your ink, while you feel indifferent about it. This is as good a reason as any for tattoo removal.

10. You just don’t want it anymore.  It’s not because you hate the tattoo, but maybe you just feel like you don’t want it anymore. This may be reason enough to seek out removal.

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What's your reason? Comment below if it's not on our top 10 list!

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